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Justice Patrol Guidelines

       First and foremost we are a team. We should all be doing our best to be supported and nurturing and of our teammates. Whether that be offering friendly advice, help in a quest or instance, or just and here to listen. We are here for each other. The founders of the Justice Patrol work hard to make this the best league it can be.

Secondly, we are a casual content based league. We have scheduled raids as well as spontaneous raids. We do alerts, duos and the like to aid in our progression through the game. We have many members with knowledge in regards to the game and will be happy to answer any questions or give tips to help things go smoother.

Third, this league is about game play. While we support a light role playing environment, all role playing is at the members discretion. We will not tolerate any form of harassment from our league members of our league mates or other players.
Lastly, the tag over your head mean something to everyone who sees it. Remember that you represent your league mates when you go into the world with our tag. Always set an example that reflects well on your league mates.

What we are not:
First, we are not here to power level you. We offer help and support but don't take advantage of our hospitality. We will not play your character for you and do not expect to be handed free gear. Everyone here needs to work together so that everyone can achieve their goals.

Secondly, we are not hardcore when it comes to the game. That is not who we are. We are here to play a fun game and hang out with friends. We do raids, but we grow at our own pace. If you're looking for a more hardcore league, than this one is not for you.

Thirdly, we are not a heavy role playing league. If you desire to RP in lieu of other aspects of the game, there are more RP based leagues you can join. While we do support our members desire to RP, that is not what this league is about.

Fourthly, we are not a heavy PVP oriented league. While we do participate in PVP, that is not the focus of this league. If you're looking for a league with lots of PVP year's you might want to look elsewhere.

Lastly, we are not cheaters! Anyone caught cheating by using things like speed hacks or macros will be kicked from the league. If you cannot play the game honestly and fairly and without violating the EULA then you need to find another league.


If you are interested in joining our hero league, Justice Patrol, send an in-game email to Diancecht.
If you are interested in joining our villain league, Injustice Patrol, send an in-game email to Govannon.
Please note: Like most players, the members have other alts that they play but they will get back to you
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